Extravagance has become old school for many who have matured enough and realized the charm of simplicity and minimalism. It’s like setting free from a bag full of worrisome clutter that weighs you down and stops from exploring the great things that are unseen. Too much for supporting minimalism, but once actual practise in this genre takes place all these foundation laid in the introduction would definitely start making sense. In order to enjoy life in the scarce resources that are available to mankind, one of which is time as well in managing a clutter free life is outright one of the most important things. Here are a few tips that would help in de-cluttering and will also emphasize on the importance of the process.


The golden falcon that is as heavy as rock but was bought by your grandfather 20 years ago from the Middle East or the thick dust accumulated cheetah skin that has been hanging on the wall for quite some years now, need to go. Yes- as plain as it sounds, such collectibles or show pieces do not have much functionality in everyday life, they simply serve the purpose of cluttering and re-setting the basic theme of life that is to make the most of the moment with human beings rather than building a museum to show off to guests who visit. Pack everything up and store it away.

Why Do This?

  • It will leave the home looking more spacious.
  • When you will be in the worst of moods, there will be lesser things coming in your way and irritating you.
  • The feeling of ‘I’ and ‘My possessions’ would slowly go away leaving a more humble and down to earth human being.


Although women have been accused of the crime of over-indulging for centuries these days many men have broken the stereotype too and been found guilty of over-indulgence. Be it the luxurious leather jacket, belt, or shoe collection or the golf gear that is shiny and laid out in a variety of kits and designs. Be it either of the genders, be reasonable with the stuff owned and only harbor so much that can be used worth the dollars spent on it. Too many crucial dilemmas are present in the world that need attention rather than the latest brand that launched the most expensive designer bag of the season. Or, separate boots for each outdoor activity, there are several kinds of boots that can be purchased that prove to be multi-purpose and long-lasting saving up money and space, ideas for boots can be taken from here.

Why Do This?

  • Better use of restrictive finances.
  • A more self satisfied internal feeling that leads to believing the best of resources has been made.
  • Multipurpose use of material possessions would lead to more charity and lesser cobwebs on unused stuff.
  • Idea shuffling may lead to better setting up of materials and a minimalist approach would lead to enlightenment.

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