Providing water in dry areas

By 2025, half the world’s population will not have access to freshwater. For millions of people across Asia, this is already a reality.
We turn our focus to three countries: Vietnam’s Mekong Delta is in the midst of the worst water shortage in living memory. The local government declared a state of emergency and began sending fresh water to the worst-hit areas.
Within 24 hours, we followed a young durian farmer, Ms. Nho, as she raced to keep her small farm alive. This emergency water is the last lifeline for her family.
In Singapore, urban fishermen are forced to protect their water resources as they struggle to preserve Singapore’s food security in an increasingly unpredictable climate.
In Jakarta, the daily search for water threatens the mega-city’s survival. Over-exploitation of groundwater is causing the city to sink 25 centimeters per year. We tracked down two well diggers who manually installed a 12-meter well in a residential area – but at what cost?